Lima celebrates Labor Day

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Also walking with the workers on Monday was Morgan Harper, a U.S. Senate candidate, who said that the fight for workers’ rights was a big part of why she decided to run for office. “I was raised by my mom. She was in the union, and that was the difference between totally going off the rails and being able to weather the storms that are inevitable for anyone,” Harper said. “We all have challenges that come up, but you have to have stability in your work life in order to be able to manage those.”


Prayer walk marches again after woman shot and killed in Youngstown

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The Democratic U.S. Senate candidate will be touring around Ohio, but Youngstown was her first stop Sunday. While visiting the city, she attended the Stop The Violence walk. Harper says she wants to do what she can to bring attention to violence in the city and the state. “It’s only going to stop if we have representatives that are going to be going to Washington to make sure that our communities get the resources they need to be able to lead stable lives. That’s at the core of it. We need to be giving young people job opportunities. We need to make sure that people have stable housing. This is all connected,” Harper said.