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If we want to deliver real change for our community, we have to turn up. It’s that simple. That’s what happened when Central Ohio turned up for me as a newborn with an uncertain future. It’s also what happened when we needed to get our community vaccinated. Now, we need to turn up for political power.

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Morgan Harper Enters Ohio’s Senate Race

The equation changed on Wednesday with the entry into the race of a second viable Democrat, Morgan Harper, who ran a high-profile primary challenge last year for a congressional seat with the backing of national progressive groups.

Thanksgiving meals distributed in Mid-Ohio Valley

“I just really believe in the power of grassroots and community just stepping up, but then through the Senate campaign, we’re trying to get to other parts of the state,” she said. Morgan said she knew about the Thanksgiving meal operation at the church and wanted to come down, volunteer and show her support.

How Virginia’s election could impact Ohio’s U.S. Senate race

Earlier in the day, Harper, a Democrat, told Spectrum News, “The results in Virginia show that we can’t keep playing the same old game here, the old playbook is not working.” Harper is a progressive attorney who is running as a fresh face for Ohio Democrats.

2022 Midterms: Candidates to Watch

Sticking with her commitments from her first campaign, Harper has pledged not to accept any corporate funding for her candidacy and cites her career as a “signal for people that I am not afraid to stand up to powerful corporate interests.”

Morgan Harper: Campaign finance fight starts now

“Morgan Harper for Ohio” announced early on that it would reject all donations from corporate political action committees, or PACs. In a race that has already seen $10 million-plus in spending from the candidates, it seems like a risky position to take, but Harper disagrees. She says it’s possible.